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The first Iranian brand to design and produce modern wicker products

 Address: North Behzadi Blv,Sadat Abad,Tehran,Iran
 Phone: 09036347510

“Nilan Rose” started its activity as a registered trademark in the middle of spring 1399 in Tehran.
Ms. Niloofar Roze, the creator and founder of this brand, together with a team of professional and creative people, promotes the goals of this collection, which is the design and production of modern Iranian handmade products, and entrepreneurship.


As the first Iranian brand, we put the modernization of wicker products as our signature. “Handmade” and “Nature Lover” wicker bags are designed and presented as the first collection of Nilan Rose brand in different models and dimensions.
“Nilan Rose” with Persian roots means blue rose flower.
The reason for choosing this name is that blue roses do not exist in nature and are the result of combining white roses with art and creativity, which is closely related to the nature and main concept of the Nilan Rose brand.

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